Van digitaal naar analoog dashboard

bron: az-zbum

A lot of people have problems with their digital instrument cluster in the Z31. Problems arise because of bad transistors, faulty solder joints, and poor connections to name a few. A lot of people can and do fix their digital instrument cluster, only to have them go out again. My biggest peeve about the digital instrument cluster is the inability to read the thing when the sun is shining on it. And since I live in Arizona and rarely drive with the tops on, this creates a huge problem for trying to see how fast I'm going. So I've decided to swap to the analog instrument cluster. This is not a complex job, but it will require some time and patience. I'll try to list all the parts required, but I may miss a few. This is what I used for installing an 84-86 cluster into my 50th AE. Installing the 87-89 cluster should be similar.

Two big things to note. You will lose the compass and accelerometer. The auto climate control is seperate and requires a lot more to "swap".

Tools Required:

Parts Needed: (part numbers apply to 84-86 style cluster)

Time Required:


  1. Remove the battery ground cable!
  2. Dashboard demonteren*
  3. Remove the lower ducting on the driver's side. This is the large duct that feeds the drivers left face vent.
  4. Remove the side combo switches by removing the 10mm nut on the back and bottom of each side. Then carefully pry the top down and out.
  5. Remove the instrument clusters from the dash board.
  6. Remove the passenger side ducting from the dash board.
  7. Remove the wiring harness from the dash board. Try to save the retaining clips if at all possible.
  8. Install the new wiring harness. If the retaining clips broke, Zip Ties will be able to substitute.
  9. Re-install the passenger side ducting.
  10. From inside the car, feed the speedometer cable through the dash support brace and out through the hole in the firewall. Make sure the seal is good.
  11. Connect the cable to the original pinion assembly at the transmission.
  12. Install the new instrument clusters and cluster switches in the dash.
  13. At this point, re-install the dash leaving off the lower driver's side of the dash, the column switches, and the steering wheel.
  14. Reach up from below the dash and hook the speedometer cable up to the instrument cluster.
  15. Test to be sure all the lights and everything works by turning the key to the "ON" position. If all the warning lights come on, turn the car on. If the tach works, you're in business.
  16. Reinstall the driver's air duct, and finish the lower dash install.
  17. Reinstall the combo switches and the steering wheel.