Dashboard demonteren

bron: az-zbum

Tools Required:

Time Required:


  1. Disconnect ground battery cable! Than remove stereo and climate control assembly.
    1. Remove Ashtray.
    2. Remove 4 stereo/climate control trim screws.
    3. Pull trim out, disconnect cigarette lighter and ash tray lights, and remove trim.
    4. Remove 4 stereo/climate control mounting screws.
    5. Pull stereo and climate control assembly out, disconnect connectors, and remove assembly.
    6. Remove 4 screws holding dash to mounting plates.
  2. Remove driver's side lower dash cover.
    1. Remove 3 screws.
    2. Pull trim piece down and disconnect foot light.
    3. Unplug driver's side dash harness and remove driver's side lower dash retaining screw.
    4. Remove nut and bolt holding power supply, unplug and remove power supply.
  3. Remove the steering wheel and column switches.
    1. Remove the steering wheel column covers.
    2. Disconnect key hold light connector.
    3. Pry the horn cover off the steering wheel with your hands.
    4. Remove the nut holding the steering wheel to the steering column.
    5. Using a steering wheel puller, pry the steering wheel off the column. Disconnect harness from back of cluster combo switches.
    6. Locate single phillips screw holding column switches in place and loosen until almost out.
    7. Disconnect the connectors and remove switches.
  4. Remove passenger side lower dash cover.
    1. Remove 2 screws.
    2. Pull trim piece down and disconnect foot light.
    3. Remove plastic clip and screw to remove passenger kick panel to gain easier access to dash harness connectors.
    4. Diconnect passenger side dash harness connectors.
  5. Remove upper dash windshield vents.
    1. Starting from one side, use a second small screwdriver to push the metal tabs in the vents forward. Use a screwdriver to pry the vent up slightly.
    2. Repeat all the way to the other end using the bigger screwdriver to keep the vent from popping back into place.
    3. Repeat process for the driver's side windshield vent.
    4. Using a 1/4" socket wrench with a regular 10mm socket remove the four screws across the top of the dash.
  6. Carefully pull dash out and away from steering column making sure you didn't miss any connectors.
    WARNING: If you have an 84-86 analog dash, be sure to disconnect the speedometer cable from the back of the instrument cluster BEFORE you attempt to pull the dash out.