Niet werkende Cruise Control???

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There are many reasons your cruise may not work, but the most common problem seems to be the following (pics coming soon):

Short answer:

Check the switch at the clutch and brake pedal stop. The plastic insert that contacts the switch fell out of mine. Go to Nissan and buy new insert(s) and stick them into the holes where the buttons would contact.

Long Answer:

Are you turning on the cruise, getting the GREEN light, but the cruise won't activate? If so, this is probably your two minute fix. There are some plastic inserts that you will need to replace. Underneath your dash (on the driver's side) are the brake and clutch (if applicable) pedals. Each one has a button attached to it. The buttons are there to give a signal to your cruise. If the buttons are pressed down, niether the clutch or brake is being used. If either button is up, then it will send a signal to the cruise that either the brake or clutch is in use. The cruise deactivates if either the brake or clutch is used. Your cruise will not activate because one or both of these buttons is not being pressed down.

As the pedal is resting on the pedal stop, the button is supposed to be pressed down. The button rests on a soft plastic insert, is depressed, and therefore signals to the cruise the pedal (brake or clutch) is not being used. The plastic inserts are notorious for getting brittle and simply breaking out, leaving a hole (which the insert plugs into). The button fills the hole and doesn't get pressed down, sending a signal to the cruise that the pedal is in use, even though it's not.

Get down and look up to the pedals with a flashlight. Check to see if the inserts have fallen out. If they have, replace them and your cruise should work again. If the inserts are still there, your problem lies elsewhere (perhaps with vacuum hoses, a fuse, or electrical harness). But, the inserts are usually the cause of the problem.

I stumbled across this answer. One day I noticed my brake lights were constantly on. I got down to see if the switch was broken, and I saw one of the inserts shattered on the floor on the drivers side. I saw a similar insert a few months before this time. It was from the cluctch (which I didn't realize earlier). When I found out these inserts had broken out, I bought some bolts and stuck them through the holes, and my cruise worked again, as well as my brake lights. I soon replaced the bolts with new inserts because I realized that the plastic buttons would probably get worn out if they kept hitting metal instead of a soft plastic insert. Replace the inserts with OEM stuff. Good Luck. This should do it for you.

Wat ook stuk kan zijn is de ASCD unit zelf, deze zit links aan bestuurderskant, net schuin boven je zekeringkast. mail me als je testgegevens nodig bent uit het werkplaatshandboek.